I'm an author, lexicographer, cacophonist, ailurophile, bibliophile, cinephile, logophile, inveterate aggregator, dedicated middlebrow, incontestable babe, borderline narcissist, weirdly semi-Mediterranean Native American, and alliterative anastrophe addict. My personality type is superlative INTJ.


"The highlight of the evening"

--Better Homes and Gardens

"[...] easily the beau ideal among Wisconsin's multitudes of accomplished amateur lexicographers"

--The New York Review of Books

"Perhaps the personification of magniloquence"

--Cat Fancy

"[...] a shrieking, tumescent delight!"

--Gothic & Lolita Bible

"[Buchanan is] now an aureate vector for that most virulent strain of sensual Yellow Fever"

--Psychology Today

"Very good, very funny at party until we brought out dogs"


Avocations & interests

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