The WhitBase

by Robert Buchanan

Four representative Whitbies: O'Toole, Bond, Kaye, Cumberbatch
Whitby Birth/death dates Ethnicity Nationality Profession Whitness
Gary Bond 1940.2.7/1995.10.12 Welsh British Actor, singer 9/10
David Bowie 1947.1.8/2016.1.10 Welsh, Irish British Singer, composer, guitarist, keyboardist, saxophonist, stylophonist, percussionist, cellist, violist, producer, actor, painter 10/10
Ellen Burstyn 1932.12.7 Irish/French/Pennsylvania Dutch/First Nations American Actress 6/10
Richard Chamberlain 1934.3.31 Anglo-Saxon, German American Actor, singer 7/10
Benedict Cumberbatch 1976.7.19 Anglo-Saxon British Actor, producer 8/10
Danny Kaye 1911.1.18/1987.3.3 Ashkenazi American Actor, dancer, singer, pianist, composer, comedian, chef, aviator 7/10
Roger Moore 1927.10.14/2017.5.23 Scottish, Anglo-Saxon British Actor 4/10
Peter O'Toole 1932.8.2/2013.12.14 Irish British Actor, author 10/10
Michael Pennington 1943.6.7 Scottish, Welsh British Actor, author, director 6/10
Gena Rowlands 1930.6.19 Welsh American Actress 5/10
Tilda Swinton 1960.11.5 Anglo-Scottish British Actress, model 7/10
Scott Thompson 1959.6.12 Anglo-Saxon Canadian Comedian, actor, playwright 4/10
Jack Wagner 1959.10.3 German American Actor, singer 5/10
Tuesday Weld 1943.8.27 Anglo-Saxon, Scottish American Actor, author 5/10
Michael York 1942.3.27 Welsh, Anglo-Saxon British Actor, author 8/10
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